[HNW] OT: Hooked "Knitting Needles"

lilinah@earthlink.net lilinah at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 1 10:49:29 PST 2003

>  I found a pair of what are essentially hooked knitting needles connected
>  by a clear cable (just like regular circulars) in the Herrschners
>  catalogue I received today. They are called "Flex Cro-Hook".

I've seen these, but i haven't seen any fine enough for Near Eastern
or Balkan knitting. The ones i've seen are in the size range for
working with worsteds and thicker yarns. Sigh.

For "ethnic" and Medieval knitting, I use knitting needles US size 2
and down to 00000. I have size 00000000 (8X0), but haven't used them
yet, as i haven't found a "yarn" for them - maybe silk sewing thread?

I still dream of finding actual hooked knitting needles. I've been
told i can make my own, which I don't doubt. But before i try, i'd
like to see what the traditional ones look like. I'd rather have a
model to work from, than make up something that might not be even
close. I've never even seen a photo of traditional hooked knitting
needles, although i keep reading about them.

Has anyone seen a photo of the actual traditional critters so that
the points are visible?


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