[HNW] A BIG Makeover

Penny Ladnier penny at costumegallery.com
Tue Feb 4 22:10:36 PST 2003

First off, I am sorry for the cross-posts, but the following will explain...

Over the next couple of months The Costume Gallery's Research Library
www.costumegallery.com/research.htm  will be receiving a major makeover.  If
you go to an area or webpage and get a message that says "Closed for a
Makeover" please be patient.  We are adding several new areas and articles
to the library.  To make room for the additions, we need to make a huge
overhaul to make it easier to search.  Currently we have 18 sets of A Years
in Fashion on the web scattered between the Library and the homepage of the
Gallery.  When the makeover is complete, you will see everything organized
and easy to search on the library .  We are shooting for a completion date
of the end of April.

The first change you will notice later this week, will be a new design to
the books on the library shelves.  Shashy, our new graphics intern, has made
all new book and shelf graphics.  The library shelves will increase from
three to four.  When we pull up the new graphics for the front of the
Library this week, the fourth shelf, "Search by Category" will not be
functional. So this is your fair warning... please, please, do not email
that they are not working.  We know about it and are working as fast as we

I will try to give you a weekly progress report of the areas that we are
temporally closing down on the Gallery's newsletter at
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/costumegallery/ .  Once we do close down an
area for makeover, we will not pull that area back up until the whole
makeover of the Library is complete.  If you have linked or bookmarked any
of these pages in the Gallery, you do not need to change it.  All the URLs
will remain the same when the area's makeover is complete.

We are excited about the makeover.  I have been wanting to do it for a long

Penny Ladnier
Owner, The Costume Gallery & Costume Classroom

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