[HNW] Help with 16th century embroidered song book

LadyCellach@aol.com LadyCellach at aol.com
Sat Feb 8 11:17:00 PST 2003

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Greeting all! I thought an embroidered song book might be a fun progect for
me to work on. I got the idea from plate 344 in the Shuette (Art of
Embroidery). The description says it is from Ausburg in 1530 and it is one of
Does anyone out there know any more information on these songbooks ? I would
love to see or know more about how the music was embroidered on the inside. I
do know that a songbook is also pictured in Mit Nadel und Faden By Marianne
Stradal / Ulrike Brommer    . I do not own this book , but can easily get it.
Does anyone own a copy, if so I would like to know if this book will help me
in my quest.
Thank you for any help given , Cellach ingen Chernaig

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