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Jenn Ridley jridley at chartermi.net
Sun Feb 9 15:25:23 PST 2003

On Sun, 9 Feb 2003 16:49:57 EST, SNSpies at aol.com wrote:

>> Does Anchor give their colors names?  DMC doesn't.

>Actually, DMC does have names for all their colors.
><A HREF="http://www.dmc.com/eng/print_coldes.asp?art=117&lng=eng">DMC.COM, Dollfus Mieg & Cie, SA</A>


And at the bottom of that page, it says:

:Please note that DMC refers to its colours by number only. This list
:should only be seen as a useful description of the colour number if
:you do not have a colour card at hand, or to help you to find colours
:in your collection. Please remember that some designers have created
:their own descriptions of the colours, so the descriptions on any
:given chart or diagram may differ from the description on this list.

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