[HNW] Tudor/Elizabethan Questions (was: Live and Kicking Medi eval Ebroidery Experts)

Fri Feb 14 05:27:49 PST 2003

I'm going to assume that you meant "answer questions" rather than "ask" them...?

If so, I have one.  I know that the slips weren't from counted patterns, but
worked directly on the outlined or painted canvas (kind of like cheap modern
needlepoint kits).  Is there any information on how they decided the shadings?
Were the shadings ever indicated by lines or painted on?  and does there seem to
be any "standard" number of shades (like, always three shades, or four shades)
per color?

- Carol Hanson (SCA: Caryl de Trecesson)

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> As I will be giving a talk at the V&A next month I am willing to ask questions
> on Tudor and
> Elizabethan embroidery with specialities at the moment in linen embroidery,
> slips and some
> goldwork.
> Rachel

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