[HNW] a little eyecandy Sorry!

Carolyn Kayta Barrows kayta at frys.com
Fri Feb 14 07:36:53 PST 2003

>Oh blast, forgot to give you the link, sorry!!

My eyes just broke their diet, and gained several kilos, from that eye
candy.  Wow!  That's pretty amazing work.

Today I bought some thread for an embroidered 1905 waist (blouse) that will
look semi-ethnic when finished.  The 1905 embroidery book, with the
pictures of the original waist, claims the embroidery is from Vienna, or at
least was inspired by an embroidery style they claim is from Vienna.  To
get my embroidery to look anywhere near as good as yours does, I have to
count threads.  I mostly do cross stitch, and I consider myself lucky I
could do it on any early-20th-century garment, as other styles were popular
then instead.


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