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Some of the very best books that deal with medieval textiles have been
published by Abegg Stiftung in Switzerland.  Most of them are still available
directly from Abegg Stiftung even though they are not listed on their site.
Here is a listing of those books that may be of interest to members of this
list.  Contact information is given below;  you can email your order directly
or send it the normal routes.

1 CHF (Swiss franc) = approx. $0.75 USD (US dollar), so a book that costs 40
CHF would be around $30, plus shipping.

Kessler, Cordula,  "Mittelalterliche Textilien I:  Aegypen, Persien und
Mesopotamien, Spanien und Nordafrika", 1995, ISBN 3-905014-06-8, CHF 280
(medieval Islamic textiles from the 9th to the 15rh century)

"Begegnung von Heidentum und Christentum im spaetantiken Aegypten", 1993,
ISBN 3-905014-04-1, CHF 65  (papers from a conference on classical
archaeology that deal with religion and textiles)

"Varia 1994", 1994, ISBN 3-905014-05-X, CHF 65  (a miscellany of papers on
items in the Abegg Stiftung collection;  three on Coptic tunics, one on
13th-century English embroideries)

Flury-Lemberg, et al, "Spuren Kostbarer Gewebe", 1995, ISBN 3-905014-08-4,
CHF 85  (detailed studies of some expensive medieval textiles in the Abegg
Stiftung collection)

"Tuechleinmalerein in Zittau und Riggisberg", 1996, ISBN 3-905014-09-2, CHF
85  (medieval painted fabrics)

"Islamische Textilkunst des Mittelalters:  Aktuelle Probleme", 1997, ISBN
3-905014-10-6, CHF 70  (papers from a colloquium on medieval Islamic textiles
with a focus on the Egyptian Fatimid dynasty (909-1171)

Otavsky, Karel, "Entlang der Seidenstrasse:  Fruehmittelalterliche Kunst
zwischen Persien and China in der Abegg-Stiftung", 1998, ISBN 3-905014-11-4,
CHF 85  (focuses on a collection of silk fabrics from the 7th to the 9th
century with Sasanian patterns)

Schorta, Regula.  "Leinendamaste:  Produktionszentren und Sammlungen", 1999,
ISBN 3-905014-12-2, CHF 85  (papers given at a colloquium on the white linen
damasks of the 16th to 19th century)

Schorta, Regula, "Central Asian Textiles and Their Contexts in the Early
Middle Ages", forthcoming 2003, ISBN 3-905014-19-X, CHF 85  (papers on early
medieval textiles from Sogdia and the Tarim basin, Tibet, and central China)

Keller, Dominik and Regula Schorta, "Fabulous Creatures from the Desert
Sands:  Central Asian Woolen Textiles from the Second Century BC to the
Second Century AD", 2001, ISBN 3-905014-17-3, CHF 85  (papers on these
textiles which are distinguished by unique multi-colored tapestry bands with
processions of fabulous creatures or abstract patterns)

Stucky-Schuerer, Monica, "Die Passionsteppiche von San Marco in Venedig:  Ihr
Verhaeltnis zur Bildwirkerei in Paris und Arras", 1972, no ISBN, CHF 30  (the
Passion Hanging from San Marco in Venice)

Schmedding, Brigitta, "Mittelalteriche Textilien in Kirchen und Kloestern der
Schweiz", 1978, ISBN 3-7272-9682-8, CHF 70  (medieval textiles made in and/or
preserved in the churches and convents in Switzerland, including the
well-known knitted relic pouches)

Abegg, Margaret, "Apropos Patterns for Embroidery, Lace, and Woven Textiles",
2nd edition 1998, ISBN 3-905014-13-0, CH 98  (overview of the variety of
patterns, mainly from the Renaissance pattern books)

Prinet, Marguerite, "Le Damas de Lin Historie du XVIe au XIXe Siecle:
Ouvrage de Haute-Lice", 1982, no ISBN, CHF 60  (linen damask from the 16th to
the 19th century)

Muthmann, Friedrich, "Der Granatapfel:  Symbol des Lebens in der Alten Welt",
1982, no ISBN, CHF 39  (the pomegranate, symbol of life in the ancient world)

Flury-Lemberg, Mechthild, "Textile Conservation and Research," 1988, ISBN
3-905014-02-5, CHF 125  (an amazing [my personal opinion] book in full color
and with 532 pages of texiles that have been conserved and restored at Abegg

Flury-Lemberg, Mechthild, "Abegg-Stiftung Bern in Riggisberg:  Textilien",
1973, ISBN 3-258-01361-6, CHF 15.50 (small but nice book of some of the
medieval textiles in the Abegg Stiftung collection)

Stettler, Michael et al, "Artes Minores:  Dank an Werner Abegg", 1973, ISBN
3-7272-9200-8, CHF 30 (a mix of papers, including the well-known one by
Robert Wyss, "Die Handarbeiten der Maria", which has many medeival pictures
of textile techniques)

Otavshy, Karl, "Alte Gewebe und Ihre Geschichte: Ein Lese- und Bilderbuch",
1987, no ISBN, CHF 20  (old weaves and their history)

Simon, Erika, "Meleager und Atalante:  Ein Spaetantiker Wandbehang", 1970, no
ISBN, CHF 9  (a late-antique wall hanging)

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