[HNW] Abegg Stiftung textile books

Carol Thomas scbooks at mindspring.com
Sun Feb 16 11:10:32 PST 2003

Looking at the list again - I have also seen Mittelalterliche Textilien
I:  Aegypen, Persien und Mesopotamien, Spanien und Nordafrika.  (Medieval
Textiles I: Egyptian, Persian and Mesopotamian, Spanish and North
African).  It is in German, and is about woven, not embroidered,
textiles.  The textiles were not only from The Abegg Stiftung, but from
many other museums, including the Cleveland Museum of Art.  As far as I can
remember, all the illustrations were in black & white.  In German, black &
white often shows up in book descriptions as SW.

>>What language are they in?
>>SNSpies at aol.com wrote:
>> >
>> > Some of the very best books that deal with medieval textiles have been
>> > published by Abegg Stiftung in Switzerland.  Most of them are still
>The website is back: http://small-churl-books.com and e-mail to
>carol at small-churl-books.com

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