[HNW] Vintage crochet hook conversion chart needed

Carolyn Kayta Barrows kayta at frys.com
Sun Feb 16 17:13:10 PST 2003

>Does anyone have, or know of, a chart to convert
>vintage UK crochet hook sizes (particularly the steel
>hooks) to modern US sizes? I want to make some crochet
>lace edging from a pattern in Weldon's, and I have no
>idea what size a #15 steel hook is.

Can you extrapolate from the size of the thread called for and the size of
thing you should end up with?  The Dover edition of the Weldon Magazine
stuff has thread conversion hints in the front.  (Or did you already know
that because that's the edition you have?)

Of it was me, I'd fake it, because I have lots of different sizes of
crochet hooks.  I usually end up doing that anyway, even with modern
patterns.  My tension never seems to be the same as the one assumed by the
pattern, and I often have to add extra chain stitches, or leave them out,
to make things like doilies come out flat.


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