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The book by Imogen Stewart from the Royal School of Needlework, "Classic
Needlework" (London: Studio Editions, 1992) has several beautiful colors
photographs of Elizabethan panels of slips.  One is solid fruits and plants,
while the other has birds and other animals.  As has been mentioned, every
motif is outlined in black, and the shading is exquisite, some of it done in
"zig-zag shading" (yes, I know there is a correct term from tapestry weaving,
but it escapes me at the moment) that Karen Larsdatter mentioned.  The work
is tent stitching with silk on linen ground with the patterns taken from
woodblock prints.

I would recommend this book to anyone interested in Elizabethan slips.  And
just a side note:  I've just completed a panel of dragon and wyvern slips ...
and the majority of them are outlined in black and will be, I hope, as nicely
shaded as the Elizabethan ones!


Ingvild Josefsdatter, OL
(Nancy Spies)
Barony of Bright Hills
Kingdom of Atlantia

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