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>>  What language are they in?
>The Abegg-Stiftung books are in various languages.  Some are all in English;
>some all in German;  some a combination, especially if it is a collection of
>conference papers.

I believe I've also seen the occasional French or Italian article in
the "conference papers" type of collection.

<Sigh> Occasionally I envy their educational systems. Europeans seem
to assume that any Truly Educated Person (tm) can at least muddle
through a paper in any of those languages and get the sense of it. I
had five years of French, so I can usually manage those, but for me,
reading something in German is like slogging through a swamp; I have
to look up all the nouns and adjectives, and most of the verbs, in
the dictionary. Otherwise it all reads like, "And in this era, the
[something] very [something] was, and often in [something] used."

I have, however, achieved two small victories. I do remember most of
the time that "Holz" means it's made of wood, and I have pretty much
stopped automatically thinking "Elf bones" when I see the word
"Elfenbein." (It's actually _elephant_ bone, i.e. ivory.)

Fortunately I have friends who read German and Italian much better
than I can. :)

And truly, the Abegg books are often quite wonderful, and pictures,
of course, translate equally well into any language....
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