[HNW] Where in England did she teach gold embroidery?

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Thu Feb 20 22:40:37 PST 2003

In 2002 Salamander Books published an issue of The Doomsday Book
edited by Thomas Hinde (ISBN 0862884306). I was lucky and got my
copy in the Winchester Cathedralshop for only eight pounds and
ninty nine pence. On one of the first pages there are a
collection of short references to daily life in England. They
highlight a crossection of matters which are so common that they
give colour to a picture in a fasinating way (they speak of crime
and punishment, fights in public houses and other small things).
One reference is however of importance to me:
'Aelgar who had enough land to live on from the sherrif of Trent,
that she might teach his daugther gold embroidery.' I have made
an attempt to read the entire book in order to find the exact
location of this reference, but have failed. I know that the
Trent is a long river and that pieces of land have been cut of
and added to shire's over the centuries. Is any on the list able
to help me in finding the place where Aelgar is mentioned in this
issue of the doomsday book?

Yours sincerely:

Johan Terlouw
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