[HNW] Help with 'Trine e Donne Siciliane'?

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The book has heaps of b&w plates of all sorts of early embroidery and two
plates recognizable as your quilts (identified as being in the V&A

Alison has the best copy of the two plates and the text I felt was
connected - not a well organized book - sort of a stream of consciousness as
well as I can determine.  I copied the title page as well and will dig out
the shelf mark info for you.  I whinged and got them to let me self copy.  I
didn't realize you were going to ask Alison to bring copies back but it
worked out well that I couldn't make them until the day we met up, otherwise
I wouldn't have brought them to the V&A.

Alison is mailing and bringing a set and I will fax you a set to the
University if you can receive faxes there.

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> Nancy wrote re Trine e Donne Siciliane:
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> >Sorry, never even heard of it, but I would love to know more about it,
> >please.
> I'm afraid I have very little information about it, other than that it has
> been referenced in a history of Sicily which mentions the Guicciardini
> quilts as containing a plate and some discussion of them - I don't even
> have a page reference, and I don't really know whether it's going to be
> useful, but for the sake of completeness I need to have seen it for the
> PhD.  The title translates as 'Sicilian Lace and Women' so I'm not sure
> what the quilts are doing there, but it is referred to as a history of
> Sicilian embroidery.  You'd think for the sort of price second-hand copies
> are going for it would contain something useful!
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