[HNW] Help with 'Trine e Donne Siciliane'?

Linn Skinner skinner02 at sprynet.com
Fri Feb 21 09:36:36 PST 2003

Already back, sorry.  Lots of B&W plates in the book, it would seem some of
them might be in your time frame, but I only had time to make a quick find
of Sarah's quilt plates and attempt to identify and copy the text associated
with them.

British Library shelfmark is cup.408.3.5

Italian (probably with a Sicilian twist) required.


> Linn, a quick question, and hopefully one that is not too late ...
> Are there any 12th-century Sicilian embroideries in this book and/or other
> textiles from the same time and place?
> Nancy

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