[HNW] cross-stitch magazines

Mary M. Riedel mmriedel at mindspring.com
Wed Feb 26 05:50:51 PST 2003

The Australian magazines "Embroidery and Cross Stitch" and
"Inspirations" (much broader than cross stitch only) have
become popular and are already purchased on a regular basis
in shops (not major bookstores) by many.  I purchase the
former fairly regularly.  I no longer purchase any of the
others mentioned unless there is something in particular I
want, and there usually isn't.  Another favorite, from New
Zealand, is "Jill Oxton's Cross Stitch and Beading" which I
also purchase fairly regularly.  Both Jill Oxton and Country
Bumpkin has web sites.

Country Bumpkin Publications (Inspiratons Magazine)


Jill Oxton Cross Stitch


Australian Embroidery & Cross Stitch (I don't find a
separate site for this one but here is a site that shows
several issues)



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