[HNW] Crochet vest causing irritation ***WARNING: Grumpy content***

Dawn Jacobson dme_maud at pacbell.net
Sun Mar 2 13:18:47 PST 2003

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OK, I need to grouse about this, as it's causing irritation. Apologies in
advance to Bart Elwell if he's on the list; I'm going to tread severely on
your toes.

The January/February issue of Piecework has, right after the nice article
by Deb Pulliam, an article by Mr. Elwell, manager of the International
Linen Registry Foundation Needle Art Museum in Tulsa, OK. Mr. Elwell has
"recreated"  the "Gentleman's Waistcoat to Crochet" from Weldon's Practical
Crochet, 4th series (originally published in about 1888), and republished
in the Weldon's Practical Needlework, Volume 2, from Interweave Press. Mr.
Elwell has used the original pattern for the vest, but used Lion Brand
Wool-Ease Yarn, 20% wool and 80% acrylic, brown and green variegated yarn,
and a very large 9.25mm crochet hook (equivalent to an old size M). In the
introduction of the article, Mr. Elwell states, "I am occasionally asked to
speak at meetings of Civil War re-creationists, so the vest serves two
purposes--I have an example of period clothing to show and a great vest to

What were the editors of Piecework thinking when they decided to run this?
Are they so desperate for worked items from Weldon's that they'll run
anything? Not only is this not made from anything close to the original
materials suggested (double Berlin), nor using a crochet hook the
appropriate size (a bone #7, about the same size as a modern 4.5mm), but
it's a British waistcoat from the late 1880s being used as an example of
clothing for reenactors doing a period 25 years earlier and 1/2-way around
the world. This is not helping historical costuming, nor is it helping
historical needlework.

So have I finally become so completely A-R that I've gone around the bend?


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