[HNW] Crochet vest causing irritation ***WARNING: Grumpy content***

Mary M. Riedel mmriedel at mindspring.com
Sun Mar 2 13:48:06 PST 2003

> What were the editors of Piecework thinking when they
decided to run this?
> Are they so desperate for worked items from Weldon's that
they'll run
> anything? Not only is this not made from anything close to
the original
> materials suggested (double Berlin), nor using a crochet
hook the
> appropriate size (a bone #7, about the same size as a
modern 4.5mm), but
> it's a British waistcoat from the late 1880s being used as
an example of
> clothing for reenactors doing a period 25 years earlier
and 1/2-way around
> the world. This is not helping historical costuming, nor
is it helping
> historical needlework.

They, and many readers, aren't necessarily interested in
re-creating the original patterns.  They want to use the
pattern with newer yarns.  It's how most fashion gets
recycled.  It makes perfect sense to me.  I love older
embroidery designs but enjoy doing them in the newer threads
out today.

> So have I finally become so completely A-R that I've gone
around the bend?

Weeeeeell, could be you're just forgetting that not everyone
is "into" strict recreation, as are you.  PieceWork is not
SCA-oriented nor probably are most of their readers.


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