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Johan wrote:
>Title: Wort und Bild in der mittelalterlichen Tristantradition:
>       der alteste Tristanteppich von Kloster Wienhausen und die
>       textile Tristanuberlieferung des Mittelalters
>       (word and picture in the medieval tristan tradition, the
>       oldest Tristan wallhanging at Wienhausen abby and ...)
>written by: Doris Fouquet-Plumacher
>year: 1971
>Published: Schmidt, Berlin
>Sequel: Philologische Studien und Quellen, ISSN 0554-0674; heft 62
>Size: 199 pages

Thanks Johan,

I have used Fouquet's work extensively, and I can recommend it highly to
anyone with an interest in the Wienhausen Tristan embroideries.  Her
approach is primarily literary, comparing the scenes depicted in the
embroideries to written versions of the legend, but she provides a wealth
of detailed information about the physical aspects of the embroideries, and
also deals, in less depth, with some of the other embroidered Tristan

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