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So do I. I love it when they have the Authenticity Police go around and try
to fine people for having Non-Period Stuff. That conversation about nails
sent me into giggles, it sounded so familiar!
(the main character's a woman blacksmith, and she had the traditional square
nails for sale/exhibit-and the AP tried to fine her-saying that nails
weren't Period!)
Oh, how I can relate to that....

BTW, the first of the series, "Murder with Peacocks" has the whole bunch
trying to plan two weddings, one of which ends up being a Medieval Wedding-I
would love to see the dresses they describe.

Fan of the Fun Mysteries
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Check your library.  It's a book.  There's no needlework patterns, but she
have good descriptions of some 1700's clothing worn by the reenactors.  The
lady is charge of the event as described sounds like a authencity maven.
know, it has to be correct or it can't be worn.)  :-)  I enjoy all Donna
Andrews' books.


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