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No, she did not. Murder at the War is part of a series on a detective that
is an SCA member and a Squire. I remember that there is one of the books
where he finds his Knight wandering, after suffering a head injury during
fighting-the books are all set in the days of Freon helms (long, long ago
and far away, when fighters had even less sense then now) and in the Kingdom
of the East.
Wrought Iron Flamingos mentions the SCA, in fairly good terms, and Acre, as
well. In fact, the Heroine's boyfriend decides in the end that he wants
something earlier, because he thinks the muskets are too dangerous and she
is trying to talk him out of that, as well. It will be interesting to see if
the author pursues it, into other books.
Perhaps we need to entice her to a Pennsic or a Gulf Wars....
But lets hope to never see a real incident at an Event. The paperwork would


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>So do I. I love it when they have the Authenticity Police go around and try
>to fine people for having Non-Period Stuff. That conversation about nails
>sent me into giggles, it sounded so familiar!
>(the main character's a woman blacksmith, and she had the traditional
>nails for sale/exhibit-and the AP tried to fine her-saying that nails
>weren't Period!)
>Oh, how I can relate to that....
>BTW, the first of the series, "Murder with Peacocks" has the whole bunch
>trying to plan two weddings, one of which ends up being a Medieval
>would love to see the dresses they describe.

Did this person also write 'Murder at the War'?  I read that.


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