wrought-iron flamingos (was Re: [HNW] Re: Crochet vest causi ngirritation

Cassandra McCraw cmccraw at uark.edu
Mon Mar 3 14:03:36 PST 2003

>Did this person also write 'Murder at the War'?  I read that.

Murder at the War was written by Mary Monica Pulver (or was it just
Monica?). She also writes - under the name Monica Ferris - a series about a
woman who inherits a needlework store. All of the books in that series have
a charted pattern in the back, though the sleuth prefers knitting to
counted thread work. They are fun to read. She was also one half of the
team that wrote the early Sister Frevisse series, but she let the other
author continue the series at some point.  They used a pen name, but I
can't remember it right now.

Cassandra McCraw

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