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> Johan wrote:
> >Title: Wort und Bild in der mittelalterlichen Tristantradition:
> >       der alteste Tristanteppich von Kloster Wienhausen und
> >       textile Tristanuberlieferung des Mittelalters
> >       (word and picture in the medieval tristan tradition, the
> >       oldest Tristan wallhanging at Wienhausen abby and ...)
> >written by: Doris Fouquet-Plumacher
> >year: 1971
> >Published: Schmidt, Berlin
> >Sequel: Philologische Studien und Quellen, ISSN 0554-0674;
heft 62
> >Size: 199 pages
> Thanks Johan,
> I have used Fouquet's work extensively, and I can recommend it
highly to
> anyone with an interest in the Wienhausen Tristan
embroideries.  Her
> approach is primarily literary, comparing the scenes depicted
in the
> embroideries to written versions of the legend, but she
provides a wealth
> of detailed information about the physical aspects of the
embroideries, and
> also deals, in less depth, with some of the other embroidered
> legends.
> Sarah
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Dear Sarah,

the convent at Wienhausen has been able to obtain a number of
showcasese, which were used during the expo at Hannover. These
are being used for showing a limited number of the wallhangings
which they have, on a permanent basis. Once a year, during a
periode of about a week following the Whitsun weekend, the
convent organises a tapestry week. During this periode the
exhibition is extended with the tapestries which are more fragile
in nature.
At the moment I'm considering a trip to Wienhausen to see the
tapestries and the building. Should I keep my eyes peeld for
something special on your behalf, than lett me konow off list.

Yours sincerely:

Johan Terlouw
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