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Báine baine at microcore.net
Tue Mar 4 07:54:23 PST 2003

Carol Knight wrote:

> No, she did not. Murder at the War is part of a series on a detective that
> is an SCA member and a Squire. I remember that there is one of the books
> where he finds his Knight wandering, after suffering a head injury during
> fighting-the books are all set in the days of Freon helms (long, long ago
> and far away, when fighters had even less sense then now) and in the Kingdom
> of the East.

Middle Kingdom, actually.  The series is set in the mythical town of Charter, IL
aka The Barony of Applebee (sp?).  There are 5 books to the series and they all
mention the SCA in some context somewhere in the story.  Her website states that
she has book 6 and book 7 in progress.  Not sure when that was last updated.
:-(  The last book (#5) takes place at an arabian horse show and the detective's
wife wants to use a period saddle and garb for the fashion parade(?). (Her
persona is 14th century England.) The producer says okay, but she won't win
because it's not "harem pants and sequins".  <grin>

who has all 5 books and is waiting impatiently for more.

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