wrought-iron flamingos (was Re: [HNW] Re: Crochet vest causingirritation

Báine baine at microcore.net
Tue Mar 4 08:04:03 PST 2003

Cassandra McCraw wrote:

> >
> >Did this person also write 'Murder at the War'?  I read that.
> Murder at the War was written by Mary Monica Pulver (or was it just
> Monica?). She also writes - under the name Monica Ferris - a series about a
> woman who inherits a needlework store. All of the books in that series have
> a charted pattern in the back, though the sleuth prefers knitting to
> counted thread work. They are fun to read. She was also one half of the
> team that wrote the early Sister Frevisse series, but she let the other
> author continue the series at some point.  They used a pen name, but I
> can't remember it right now.

Margaret Frazer

I haven't read the Sister Frevisse books yet, but they're on my list.  <grin>

I enjoy the Crewel World series.  Ms. "Ferris" says she didn't know a thing
about needlework when she started the series but she learned real fast.  :-)

Hey, Cassandra!  Are you coming to Coronation in April?

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