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There's an article about a 10th century Welsh embroidery in "Patterns and Purpose in Insular Art".  Edited by Mark Redknap, Nancy Edwards, S Youngs, A Lane and J Knight.  I'm at work and can't remember the exact name of the article or the author, though, other than that the embroidery was from Llangors.  A century or two later than you want, but the closest extant Welsh embroidery that I've read about.

At any rate, the embroidery was silk threads on a fine linen cloth.  The entire thing is worked in "counted stem stitch".  The stem stitch passed over three threads, and back under 1 thread.  The background stem stitches ran at right angles to the stem stitches that formed the design.  And to add yet another level of interest to the work, one of the borders is a series of lions, alternating facing left or right.  With each lion, the direction of the stitches in the lion and the background is reversed, making little squares of differing textures.

Other early embroidery extant pieces that I've seen, 7th to 10th centuries Frankish and Kentish, seem to use a lot of chain stitch and stem stitch.

The Kingdom of Atlantia as a very extensive listing of both websites and articles about embroidery:


It would a very good place to look for resources.

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