[HNW] Unicorn Tapestry charts?

Rowena sleepyunicorn at citlink.net
Tue Mar 18 13:38:49 PST 2003

> > http://oddsandinsonline.com/122/cat122-4.html
> > has some listed - does anyone know anything about it?

> I didn't come across that one.  I suspect she/he is scanning images into a
> software program and coming up with charts.  I've never heard of the site
> before but if they're downloadable only I'd be very careful.
> MaryR

There are some freebies that let you see what you are getting.
yes, I would say she is running them through PC stitch.
You can get them mailed, or downloaded - I bought one to see what it is that
I get emailed.

> I went and checked out the site. Some of those charts are 13 or more pages
> in size! Definitely using a cross-stitch chart generator.
> Laurensa

The chart for Hearing takes 60 colors,  and seems to be quite detailed.
Looking at it,  I can see what a lovely piece doing part of it could be.  I
can feel my mind feeling like a horse refusing a jump every time I start to
think about actually stitching it, though!   It was $5.81 I think?  minus a
discount for paying online and downloading it online,  so I definitely think
it is worth it.     It would take far more of my time to try to scan it and
do it, than it took me to work to pay for it already done.
   And the promised "rebate" discount for paying with PayPal arrived quite
promptly, as did the pattern.
I appreciate anytime I can get something within just a few hours of paying
for it.

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