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Morgan Cain (Ansteorra) morgancain at earthlink.net
Sun Mar 23 07:54:21 PST 2003

> You can go to their website and print out an order form (they don't do
> plastic):
> http://www.edwardrhamilton.com/
> Shipping and handling is $3.50 no mater how big your order is.

Actually, they now have an affiliated site that takes credit cards, but you
pay a LOT more for shipping:  HamiltonBook.com

NAYY - but I have ordered from them for years, the shipping is PROMPT, and
so is the refund if the book is out of stock.  Sometimes, the refund cheque
arrives before the books, due to the difference in shipping (first class on
the cheque, book rate on the package).  Once you order, you get on their
Evil Mailing List, which means you get a newsprint catalog in your mailbox
far too often.  I don't know which are worse - the ones divided neatly by
subject, so that I can go immediately to the areas of interest, or the ones
that just list "Newly Arrived" so you have to read every column.

Back on topic, somewhat - we had a Day Of Japanese Textile Arts yesterday,
including classes on making kosode and doing sashiko.  Was quite a lot of
fun, we all learned a lot (including how to open the bottles of Japanese
soda pop - going outdoors seems to be key), and for those in the SCA and in
the Oklahoma-Texas area, we are planning to have a "salon" (which seems to
have no real Japanese translation) at the Festival of Japan next month.
Many of the things we did are not SCA-historical era, but quite a number are
historical for the current times.  <g>   We even have found a little
information about knitting in historical Japan, that it may have been done
by the samurai!  Still investigating that.

                           ---= Margo Lynn  (SCA: Morgan or Kaiko)

"Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived,
 stop thinking and go in."                     ---= Napoleon Bonaparte
"You can no more win a war than you can win an earthquake."
                                   ---= Jeannette Rankin (1880 - 1973)

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