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At 05:54 25/03/03 -0800, you wrote:
>I purchased an elementary Irish language textbook and tapes about 8 years
ago, very maintream.  The introductory chapter says that Irish is very
similar to/closely aligned with the Armenian language.  I thought that very
interesting but have not investigated further.  This very interesting
dicussion on design relations brought this to mind.  I can look it up if
anyone is interested.

My undergraduate degree focused on medieval languages, and I learnt Irish
then, most of which I've forgotten, along with historical linguistics.  I
wouldn't say the relationship with Armenian was close, although there is a
prehistoric relationship - through, if I remember correctly, Old Tokharian.
 There's an interesting discussion of these linguistic similarities and
migration patterns in Elizabeth Barber's _The Mummies of Urumchi_, which
brings the topic back to textiles, if not embroidery.  There are fantastic
woven and felted textiles found on mummies in the northern desserts of
China, and Barber presents some interesting evidence that these 3000 year
old mummies may have been racially Celtic.  It's a very good read.

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