[HNW] Greetings and about Opus Anglicanum

Sue Clemenger mooncat at in-tch.com
Sun Nov 2 06:47:28 PST 2003

Hello, Peter.  Welcome to H-needlework!(even if a bit late...I'm finally
catching up on my email backlog!)
Opus Anglicanum is bee-yootiful stuff that I'd love to learn to do some
day. I've gotten to see some of the real thing up-close (in an art
museum in Seattle, and last year in England).  The detail and fineness
of the stitching is just amazing! I've been driving myself pleasantly
crazy trying to find a source for the type of silk threads I saw in
I've got one online source for you that I happened to run across in a
costuming context:
It talks about some of the more secular examples, in a purse context. 
The author also mentions some books.
I've also got a few hard-copy things (article written by someone in
Australia, that sort of thing) if you're interested.
And if you ever want to chat about the SCA and needlework off-list, feel
free to contact me.
--sue, who mostly does blackwork and spinning (but I do laurel stuff in
other contexts)

butler peter wrote:
> OK! That all being said...I am looking for as much documentation on
> Opus Anglicanum as I can find. I have some stuff collected from the
> web but that is about all I am finding. I am teaching a class in it
> next week and I would like to have extra sources for my people (as
> well as myself). I have even come across a discrepency.
> I was talking to a friend of mine about it and she said that they did
> not use the chain stitch in it but I have some sources that say they
> did and other sources that say they didn't and still even others that
> overlook it altogether. I have never seen the copes in person so I
> can't judge from personal experience. Nor have I ever seen any
> other period piece in person. It is hard to discern these things from
> photos. Can someone help with this. (Ever since that discussion, I
> have stopped putting the chain stitch in my work and I just use the
> reverse couching stitch and the split stitch.)

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