[HNW] Earliest known mention of tatting in literature

Lynn Carpenter alwen at i2k.com
Mon Nov 3 17:29:10 PST 2003

Earliest known mention of tatting in literature is about 1842.  Check out
Dan Tribbler's page for specifics on the citation.  He is as much of a
hardhead about "origins of tatting" as I am.
Click on "Misc" at the bottom, then scroll down to "Tatting - "In Print" on
the left.

Also check out "Myths", which debunks several popular theories of "ancient
origins" of tatting.

Now, I love to tat as much as the next tatter, but I am not willing to
accept "brought over by the Pilgrims" or "invented in ancient Egypt"
without some sort of evidence other than "somebody wrote it down in a
book".  I can easily write "Tatting was invented by space aliens"  (see, I
just did!), but asserting this as a fact does not make it true!

Lynn Carpenter in SW Michigan, USA
alwen at i2k dot com

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