[HNW] Opus Anglicanum

Kathy kth62 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 4 08:58:41 PST 2003

Greetings, all.. Well i spent the better part of this last weekend at a Grand Ithra.. and took three courses, Survey of Embroidery,  Opus Anglicanum, and   Beginning Piercework.. I did not read the piercework course description thoroughly and had the notion that it had to do with creating the kind of pillows etc that have little mirrors inset in the fabric.. NOpe.. metal work.. using jewelery saws.. Lots of fun and i have a reproduction of a Byzantine pendant now.. still needs polishing and filing  but i did it!!!!!!!!!!!  

As for the Opus Anglicanum.. that was ever so much fun.. i really enjoyed it and i have a hunch most of my needlework will revolve around that particular style from now on. 

Mind you  i did order a book called Heirlooms in Needlework that the instructor showed us.. Talk about yummy!  cant wait to try out some of the projects.. In particular one that will allow me to finally find a use for a neck roll that is presently tucked away in a closet...


Hope every one had a great weekend



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