[HNW] update

Joan Jurancich joanmj at surewest.net
Sun Nov 23 11:38:51 PST 2003

As always, you do beautiful work, Bjarne. Someday I hope to see your work 
in person instead of just on the internet.
Joan in Sacramento, California, USA

At 08:00 PM 11/23/2003 +0100, you wrote:
>All the lists i am on are so quiet this time, so i thoaght i wanted to bring
>you a little news of my work.
>I have made a christmas gift for a lady, an embroidered purse, she can use
>it for reenacting, as i have made it in 18.th century style
>Then  i have started to embroider a waistcoat with a wreath of wild roses.
>Hope you like it
>Leif og Bjarne Drews

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