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Hello, I am new to the list. So I think I should introduce myself.
My name is Lord Lehoric Silverwater du Mer and I live in the East. I am an embroiderer and I study 15th Century Men's Italian Costume as well as spin. I am Senechal for my Canton (not that that means much here but it is fun to say, even if it is a pain to do :) )
OK! That all being said...I am looking for as much documentation on Opus Anglicanum as I can find. I have some stuff collected from the web but that is about all I am finding. I am teaching a class in it next week and I would like to have extra sources for my people (as well as myself). I have even come across a discrepency.
I was talking to a friend of mine about it and she said that they did not use the chain stitch in it but I have some sources that say they did and other sources that say they didn't and still even others that overlook it altogether. I have never seen the copes in person so I can't judge from personal experience. Nor have I ever seen any other period piece in person. It is hard to discern these things from photos. Can someone help with this. (Ever since that discussion, I have stopped putting the chain stitch in my work and I just use the reverse couching stitch and the split stitch.)

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