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<< I have stopped putting the chain stitch in my work and I just use the 
reverse couching stitch and the split stitch.) >>

Can you be more specific about "reverse couching stitch?" Are you referring 
to underside couching?

I'm not sure exactly what kind of information you're looking for regarding 
Opus Anglicanum. Do you need information regarding the types of stitches used, 
the designs, the time period in which it was most prominent? I can direct you 
to a number of books that have photos of Opus Angilcanium if that's what you 
need. The Staniland book, "Medieval Craftsmen: Embroiderers" is still in print 
and very useful. 

As far as the types of stitches used, my research has shown that chain 
stitches were sometimes used in the designs, along with split, satin, stem, and 
couching--specifically underside couching, which is the hallmark of Opus 
Anglicanum. There are written references to cross and plait stitch as well, although I 
have never seen examples of them myself. There is also some evidence of 
beadwork (pearling, mostly) in some examples of OA. I've been fortunate in that I've 
seen a number of examples of Opus Anglicanum in museums in London, France, 
and Italy, some of which have not been published in any books that I've seen. 

I don't know what online resources you have, but a few of the more splendid 
examples of OA include the Syon Cope, the Bologna Cope, the Ascoli Piceno Cope, 
and the Pienza Cope, all of which are shown in the Staniland book. 

Mistress Gabrielle

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