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Another great book is Textile Conservation and
Research by Mechtild Flury-Lemberg, published by
Abegg-Stiftung Bern, Switzerland, 1988 it is published
in Swiss and English. This book is a gold mine! This
has quite a bit on Opus Anglicanum but mostly what you
may already know.

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> << I have stopped putting the chain stitch in my
> work and I just use the 
> reverse couching stitch and the split stitch.) >>
> Can you be more specific about "reverse couching
> stitch?" Are you referring 
> to underside couching?
> I'm not sure exactly what kind of information you're
> looking for regarding 
> Opus Anglicanum. Do you need information regarding
> the types of stitches used, 
> the designs, the time period in which it was most
> prominent? I can direct you 
> to a number of books that have photos of Opus
> Angilcanium if that's what you 
> need. The Staniland book, "Medieval Craftsmen:
> Embroiderers" is still in print 
> and very useful. 
> As far as the types of stitches used, my research
> has shown that chain 
> stitches were sometimes used in the designs, along
> with split, satin, stem, and 
> couching--specifically underside couching, which is
> the hallmark of Opus 
> Anglicanum. There are written references to cross
> and plait stitch as well, although I 
> have never seen examples of them myself. There is
> also some evidence of 
> beadwork (pearling, mostly) in some examples of OA.
> I've been fortunate in that I've 
> seen a number of examples of Opus Anglicanum in
> museums in London, France, 
> and Italy, some of which have not been published in
> any books that I've seen. 
> I don't know what online resources you have, but a
> few of the more splendid 
> examples of OA include the Syon Cope, the Bologna
> Cope, the Ascoli Piceno Cope, 
> and the Pienza Cope, all of which are shown in the
> Staniland book. 
> Regards,
> Mistress Gabrielle
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