[HNW] silk chenille embroidery

Carol Thomas scbooks at mindspring.com
Mon Oct 6 09:43:45 PDT 2003

It is going to be gorgeous!

At 06:34 PM 10/6/03 +0200, you wrote:
>I have ben brainstorming my new projekt, and i have made many many different
>designs for embroidery to the suit i want to make.
>Finally i have agreed with myself on this projekt.
>I will make this entirely in silk chenille thread, except the thin flower
>stalks, wich will be two bulky if i made it in Chenille.
>The projekt will also have silver spangels and silver lace.
>It is for a costume i want to make - after the cut of Gustav III's wedding
>Hope you like it!
>Leif og Bjarne Drews
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