[HNW] Embroidering garments

Charlene Charette perronnelle at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 6 20:41:03 PDT 2003

>>    I hate to be disagreeable, but - I disagree. Strongly. (Sorry about
>> that!)  In my experience with embroidering on clothing (and mind you, 
>> this
>> would be clothing meant for washer and dryer so that may make a 
>> difference),
>> I find that stretching the fabric while working a design almost 
>> inevitably
>> results in distortion after the fabric is washed and dried. I *never* use
>> any form of stretcher for my work.
> But is this because putting the material on stretcher bars or normal 
> shrinkage that would occur with washing? Was the fabric where this 
> happened pre-washed before embroidering? If it wasn't, I would say the 
> puckering occured because of not pre-washing the material before 
> embroidering.

I've had distortion problems in the past when the fabric was pre-washed, 
but not the thread.  The fabric stayed the same, but the thread shrunk 
causing an ugly mess.


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