[HNW] Abegg-Stiftung book

Carol Thomas scbooks at mindspring.com
Thu Oct 9 07:44:09 PDT 2003

But since then, the dollar has fallen about 30% against the euro (which is 
the currency the prices were in the last time I ordered from that museum.

At 06:55 PM 10/8/03 -0700, you wrote:
>I ordered a new copy last year and after conversion to US funds it wasn't 
>nearly that expensive; perhaps you're showing the Swiss Franc cost.
> > You can order it stright from the museum in
> > Switzerland. It is out of print but they still have
> > copies in English. It's pricy, about 175.00, includes
> > shipping but this one heck of a book to own!


The website is back: http://small-churl-books.com and e-mail to 
carol at small-churl-books.com

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