[HNW] Re: Byzantine embroidery

ianruadh@zonnet.nl ianruadh at zonnet.nl
Wed Oct 15 22:42:37 PDT 2003

Towards the end of the 19th or the beginning of the 20st century a man of 
the cloth wrote several books about vestments in the Roman Catholic Church. 
His name was Braun (Joseph as first name????). To the best of my knowledge 
he also wrote a book about paterns which could be used to decorate 
vestments. Maybe there is something among the patterns which you can use.

 There should be something omn the net about the mosiacs in Saint Marks 
Basilica (when you call this building a chapel, than how do you want to 
determin Saint Pauls in London or Saint Peters Church in Rome, as a 
Cchurch ?)

Johan Terlouw

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