[HNW] Linen for coifs

Kari Wilson milisent at webworldinc.com
Mon Oct 20 11:16:55 PDT 2003

not sure of the count that was used in period, but would love to see a
pic of your coif when you are finished....

Milisent de Lilley

sheree krasley wrote:
> I'm currently working on a blackwork coif and was wondering if anyone
> has any idea of the thread count of the linen that was used in the late
> 16th century? The linen I'm curently using is 52 by 48 count per inch.
> Not exactly an even weave but close enough that it doesn't seem to
> effect the pattern, that and since I'm doing it in speckle stitch and
> not the usual fill designs it's working well.
> I'm just curious as to how fine a linen was being used.
> - Brynn Eilionoir
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