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sheree krasley ladybrynn at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 21 07:37:33 PDT 2003

I feel much better since it seems my linen isn't too far from some used in period.
For those that want to know I got my linen from www.fabrics-store.com it's the 3.5 oz linen. I does have some slubs but not too bad, also Timeless Textiles carries a nice very fine linen that's about the same count but seems to be just slightly less slubby.
My own thoughts on fabric used for garments in period is that they would have used the same material for a coif as they would for a chemise or smock, but it's always nice to double check one's line of logic.
Since I've really just started the coif and the design is complex I'm hoping to have it finished by March. Of course then too I'll have gone to London the check the extant ones out for myself. :) But when it's all finished or even half way finished I'll post up some pictures. Now I just have to teach self that nice braided stitch for the gold work.
- Brynn Eilionoir

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