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Jenn Ridley jridley at chartermi.net
Tue Oct 21 18:17:33 PDT 2003

On Tue, 21 Oct 2003 18:56:49 -0600, Sue Clemenger <mooncat at in-tch.com>
>LadyCellach at aol.com wrote:
>> FineLine magazine has a wonderful article on plaited braid stitch in
>> the Volume 8 Number 1  Summer 2003 addition. It gives very clear step
>> by step instuctions that I wish I had when I learned this stitch. I
>> can't wait to see the coif, knowing your work it will be gorgeous!

>FineLine magazine? I haven't heard of this one...tell me more? <g>

Fine Lines Magazine is the quartly publication of the Historic
Needlework Guild.

Available by subscription from their site
(http://www.historicneedlework.com/) or by single issue from various
retailers.  I know that Wyndham Needleworks
(www.wyndhamneedleworks.com) carries it, and I'm sure there are other
sites which have it as well


Jenn Ridley
jridley at chartermi.net

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