[HNW] OT - non-historic blackwork

Carol Knight carol.knight at chsys.org
Thu Oct 23 07:02:46 PDT 2003

They were bred to guard barges, and help control the rat population. They
are a loving breed that can be highly loyal to the family, and one person,
in particular. Smart, energetic, and absolute death to rodents...
A friend has one-he named him...::sigh::...Skipper.
This site has some photographs of the dogs in question.
I do not endorse this breeder nor do I have any connections with any
breeders-this just happens to be the first site that popped up on my search
engine <G>


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>What's a schipperke? (besides black <g>)

A small black dog.  Not a toy or miniature, just small.  Cute and
rather bouncy.  Originally from the Low Countries....

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