[HNW] Plaited braid stitch (WAS: fine count linen)

Eowyn Amberdrake eowyna at sca-caid.org
Sat Oct 25 07:57:09 PDT 2003

On Sat, 25 Oct 2003 09:19:16 -0400

>>FineLine magazine has a wonderful article on plaited 
>>braid stitch in the Volume 8 Number 1  Summer 2003 
>>addition. It gives very clear step by step instuctions 
>>that I wish I had when I learned this stitch. I can't 
>>wait to see the coif, knowing your work it will be 

Look at Leon Conrad's site (google for it) -- he wrote the 
article.  It is as easy as Ceylon stitch, the way he does. 
 I love it.

Melinda Sherbring,  LA
Eowyn Amberdrake, Caid

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