[HNW] Simon George by Hans Holbein

annora lisleong at k12.hi.us
Mon Oct 27 18:29:02 PST 2003

> I don't know that I'm familiar with this particular portrait (at least,
> the name isn't ringing a bell).
> Do you have a link to the portrait that you could point us to?

Resolution isn't that good but on the off chance you have access to the
book _Holbein_ by Helen Langdon, it's on p. 109.

> > I am looking for the embroidery pattern, found on the collar and the cuffs,
> > of the painting of Simon George, made by Hans Holbein. I am also looking
> > for the pattern for the shirt. Can anyone help me with this?

	This is not the pattern for that particular shirt but it's a
nice webpage about Elizabethan (later than the painting) shirts with a
cutting layout from the Janet Arnold Waffen-und Kostumkunde article.

	I've always liked this painting because of the way the embroidery
on the inside and outside of the collar and the cuffs are all different


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