[HNW] Skinner Sisters - Disaster Policy

Linn Skinner skinner02 at sprynet.com
Wed Oct 29 18:10:50 PST 2003

We're again having terrible brush fires here in Southern California and
folks are losing their homes and most of their possessions.  I thought it a
good time to restate our disaster policy:

If you suffer a disaster (fire, flood, earthquake, etc.) and lose your
needlework supplies we will simply replace any of our books or charts that
are lost at no cost to you (postage free).  You may have bought them from
us, from an LNS or by mailorder -- it doesn't matter.  You don't need proof
of purchase, stitchers are pretty honest people and your word is good enough
for us.

Linn Skinner
Skinner Sisters

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