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Kathy kth62 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 31 13:52:59 PST 2003

And to all who celebrate it, Blessed Samhain.. for the rest of you. Happy Halloween.
Now, i am a member of the SCA   way up here in LionsGate,  in the kingdom of An Tir.
I have acquired an interest in historicl embroidery over the last year or two, although as yet my accomlishments have been confined to doing  cross-stitch. I crochet as well but i really enjoy doing needlework.. 
I will be attending an Ithra this weekend and taking several classes on the subject of embroidery  ALL  kinds of embroidery!   Should be quite interesting.
Any way i look forward to hearing from everyone.. Now it is back to the sewing machine to finish my partners tunic for tomorrow.
Catriona ingen Mhuirdeach 

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