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Damon and Christine Huse dchuse at netzero.com
Fri Apr 2 06:32:28 PST 2004

I remember sewing furiously on a dress on a way to an event while I was
wearing it (my husband was driving)...I put the last stitch in just as we
pulled onto site. It was an ugly sew job, but it worked! :D

I've also have hand-sewn my children's clothes that they were supposed to
wear that evening while sitting around the list field.

You know it's just not an official SCA piece of clothing until you wait to
the last minute to put it together! hehe

My excuse....I have 2 children and a toddler who are constantly outgrowing
their garb. I feel like I'm constantly sewing new clothes for them and of
course, my clothes get put off until the very last minute. (Besides I think
I'd rather embroider than sew clothes).

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  In my little group there's a saying:

  "It's not an SCA event if you're not sewing the night before (or that

  Kandy Fling, back to lurking
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