[HNW] Kreinik - Metallic Thread Embroidery

annora lisleong at k12.hi.us
Sat Apr 3 22:17:50 PST 2004

	This is not historic, but if anyone is interested in the book
Metallic Thread Embroidery by Ann Caswell and Jacqueline Friedman Kreinik,
Amazon has new copies of the hardcover for sale for $2.95.  List price is
$24.95 for the hardcover and $18.99 for the paperback.  It's being sold
via their used book option and the dealer is Hamilton Books--the book is
listed as being New, not Used.

	I checked the hamiltonbook.com website and the hardcover is listed
there for $9.95 and paperback for $12.95.  If the listing on Amazon isn't
a typo, even with the $3.49 postage, it's a good deal.


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