[HNW] Kreinik - Metallic Thread Embroidery

annora lisleong at k12.hi.us
Sun Apr 4 21:40:51 PDT 2004

	I'm sorry if I confused people about this.  The book at the $2.95
price is on the *AMAZON* site, _not_ the Hamilton site.  As of right now
(6:30 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time) it's still listed as being available at
[Yes, you can buy directly from Hamilton for $9.95/hardcover, $12.95
paperback but the $2.95 price is VIA AMAZON.COM.]

	It's part of Amazon's used book listings, although the description
says it's new.  (Who cares about a small black remainder mark when the
book is discounted 88%?)  This also means that the number of copies is

	Being that it's a used book listing and it's not Amazon per se who
is the seller, if it is a price listing error I don't know if hamiltonbook
would be obligated to honor that price and complete the order.  At any
rate, so far I haven't received any notification about any such error so
I'm keeping my fingers crossedd.

> I have this book on my wish list, but I know nothing about it.  Is it
> a good reference book?  Useful?  Worthless?

	I've leafed through the book in the store but never purchased it
because the techniques seemed to be skewed toward modern use and I wasn't
interested in any of the projects.  However, at $2.95 I couldn't resist.
I love books and according to the Table of Contents there's some info on
technique and stitches that might be applicable to historic work.  If not,
oh well, modern embroidery is fun too.  You've probably already checked,
but if not, you can look at sample pages from the book at


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